Phillbourne’s liquid tankers meet a vast range of farming applications.

From crop inoculation to fire fighting backup to spray nursing, we can fit our quality tanker trailers to suit your needs. Made from quality parts sourced globally and locally we offer great value machines at great prices.

The Phillbourne tanker is a base product that can be adapted to a variety of uses, particularly of interest for the emerging need of liquids in the seeding process.

This tanker eases the need for farmers to upgrade to expensive air seeding rigs as they see the need for water and water mixes during the seeding process.

If any farmers are looking for an affordable liquid cart this season this is a great opportunity. We are waiting to take your order. Please contact us now.

For a closer look simply click on the photos below.


Raised flush tank provides space for Liquid Systems module


Raised shuttle rack assists gravity discharge from shuttles


One or Two shuttles easily forked onto the rear of tanker


Optional rack to carry two enviro-drums


Chassis made to easily fit pumps or other custom attachments