Last year was a challenging one for Merredin manufacturer, Phillbourne.

Demand for Retro Feed Drum (Macdon D60/65 models are also known as Turbodrums) carried the business from 11 sales in its first year in 2016, to nearly 400 sales in 2017.


Over the past 12 months the business has also developed a Retro Feed Drum for JD-2 Models, Honeybee, Midwest CNH, as well as the older Macdon models such as the 2052.

All models have been generally successful with a few small hiccups that can be expected with ongoing development work.



The good news is that several dealers around Australia are only offering new fronts with the Phillbourne-made drums from now on.

If you are thinking of purchasing one, don’t wait until August to order a Retro Feed Drum for the 2018 harvest. Place an order early!


Free freight Australia wide for a limited time only.  Phone orders and enquiries: Call Phillbourne on (08) 9041 2066