Retrofit Kits

There are large numbers of older style pickups in service around Australia. Some of these pickups have two sets of belts, some have one set. Many of the owners of these pickups cannot justify the purchase of a new Rollerdown package.

A way for these farmers to upgrade and gain most of the benefits of rollerdown is to buy and fit a Rollerdown retrofit kit to their pickup. Many of these have been tsld to date and we do not know of anyone who has failed to fit the kit and achieve a successful result.

Pickup Trailers

Phillbourne Manufacturing has developed a trailer design for the transport of our Rollerdown package.


  • 50mm tow ball hitch
  • Length 7.8m
  • Width of rear wheel base 2.3m
  • Dolly trailer
  • 14in light truck tyres
  • HT Holden hubs