An established pickup package for superior canola harvesting

Phillips Rollerdown is a well established harvest pickup package that has advanced the process of harvesting canola in several ways:

Ground speed can be increased due to the Rollderdown attachment providing better control over the incoming swath.
The harvester can perform better due to the more constant flow of material, made possible by the effect of Rollerdown in controlling the crop. This can result in better sample being achieved.
Driving fatigue is reduced due to the improved control of swath as mentioned above.

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Three assemblies combine to form the Rollerdown package.

1. Pickup

Our pickup uses one row of belts and has the following features:

  • The front roller has a centre bearing to improve rigidity & strength.
  • Our drive roller is rubber coated for more positive drive in all conditions.
  • Our suspension system allows the pickup to travel softly over the ground and eliminate the need for castor wheels.
  • Our hydraulic drive connects directly to the drive roller, eliminating the need for chain or belt drives.

2. False Front (Header)

Our false front is built to universally attach to all harvesters encountered to date. We traditionally paint this assembly to match the colour of our customers’ harvester.

  • Adaptors can be quickly changed to suit different harvesters.
  • Extra long Retractable fingers are used. Up to 25 are available depending on the width of the harvesters broad elevator.
  • We use a 406 mm diameter barrel with 127 mm flighting.
  • A Bare Co slip clutch is incorporated in the main drive. P.T.O. connectors will match the harvester.
rollerdown pickup

3. Rollerdown

Rollerdown simply provides a moving ceiling to prevent the crop from boiling up above the cross-auger. This design has worked from day one and has undergone little change in the several years of its use.

Rollerdown is driven by a hydraulic motor connected in series with the pickup drive motor. Adjustment is provided to tune the Pickup – Rollerdown speed relation as required.

The Rollerdown operating angle can be remotely controlled to suit operating requirements.

Specifications of Package

No. of 19” belts 9
Belt width (total) 3.86m 4.34m
Overall width 4.80m 5.28m
Hydraulic drive From harvester reel drive
Rollerdown lift From harvester reel lift
Pickup Tyre Size 600 – 9
Weight approx. 1.3 tonnes 1.45 tonnes